Karma Gs-6 2023 2023

USD 99990

Karma GS-6 2023 price is $99,990, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of GS-6 2023 with detailed specifications and features.

  • Karma Gs-6 2023
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    USD 99990

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    Karma Gs-6 2023 Specification

    Karma Gs-6 2023. It is available in different colors, Black, White, Etc colors. It is made in Moreno Valley. Karma GS-6 2023 provided a 1.5L Inline 3 cylinder Engine that produced 536 hp horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. It has a top speed of 201 km/h. It has a 1-Speed Direct Drive Automatic with Rear-Wheel Drive. Karma GS-6 2023 has 199.4 inches in length, 85.1 inches in width, 52.4 inches in overall height, 124.4 inches in wheelbase, 5.4 inches in ground clearance, and 5,042 lbs weight.

    Basic Info

    Model Number

    Karma GS-6 2023

    Made In

    Moreno Valley


    4 years/80,000 km

    Available Colors

    Black, White, Etc

    Body Type


    Dimensions And Weight


    199.4 in


    85.1 in


    52.4 in

    Wheel Base

    124.4 in

    Ground Clearance

    5.4 in

    Kerb Weight                       

    5,042 lbs


    Transmission Type


    Drive Type

    Rear-Wheel Drive

    Gear Box



    Engine Type

    1.5L Inline 3 cylinder

    Max Power

    536 hp


    550 lb-ft

    No of cylinder


    Wheels Type                      

    Aluminum Wheels


    Front Suspension

    Stabilizer Bar

    Rear Suspension

    Stabilizer Bar


    Tyre Size            

    Front 265/40R21, Rear 265/40R21

    Wheel Size       

    Front 21 in X 9 in, Rear 21 in X 9 in

    Brake System

    Front Brake

    4 Wheel Discs

    Rear Brake

    4 Wheel ABS


    Mileage In City

    22 mpg

    Mileage On Highway

    28 mpg

    Fuel Tank Capacity

    10.2 gallons


    Seating Capacity

    5 Seats

    No. Of Doors

    4 Doors

    Other and comfort features:


    Safety features:



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